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Our Projects

Trade Justice Campaign

We believe that everyone has the right to feed his family, make a decent living and protect his environment. Profit should not be at the expense of people’s livelihoods, which is why the world needs trade justice not free trade.

Free trade means a country's economy is run without government intervention. It is a policy that rich country governments and international institutions are forcing poor countries to accept.

Free trade is imposed on poor countries through:

• Agreements between two or more countries.
• Conditions and 'economic advice' given to poor countries in return for loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.
• Agreements at the World Trade Organization.
The effects of free trade can be seen across the developing world. Millions of poor people's livelihoods are being threatened, and their governments are powerless to prevent it.

The trade justice campaign aims at impacting our government trade policies. Our central demand is that the government should conduct an impact assessment before joining the WTO. For this end we are raising awareness through the media and public talks, lobby and advocate for trade policies that take into account the interests of the most vulnerable, and work on building a broad coalition of NGOs and interest groups.

The project also aims to empower people at the grassroots level to lobby for their own rights and hold decision makers accountable by organizing talks and meetings with community leaders such as mayors, priests and others.

We want to make complex policy choices accessible to everybody. We work through issues such as water, food security, health, transport, education, and environment when discussing trade liberalization and the impacts of Lebanon’s WTO accession on small scale farmers, and small and medium enterprises specifically and village economies in general.