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Our Projects

Poverty Alleviation

Statistics show that by 2025, 13% of Lebanon’s population will be aged 60 and above. Most of our elderly population is now living alone because of increased emigration among young people, decreased mortality rates and social change among the young. It is predicted that a large percentage of older people will most likely live under the poverty line, given Lebanon’s difficult economic conditions.

The elderly population faces numerous institutional challenges, including the lack of access to expensive medication in the absence of an efficient national health insurance system, economic problems, and few initiatives that help integrate the community into mainstream society.

In addition, many elderly citizens end up homebound, unable to afford the more luxurious, private institutions which house a select few. Even the optional social-security health plan, which provides health insurance to senior citizens who do not work, is inefficient with some hospitals rejecting it.

Since its foundation, HGSD was determined to carry the worries of people like Khodor, a 70 year old widower who lives in Bab Al Tebbeneh, the poorest and most neglected region in Tripoli who lost his wife to cancer and two of his children to a rare disability. Khodor is struggling daily and continuously to provide the necessary food and medicine to his remaining 3 children who also suffer from the same neurological syndromes and are unable to move. With no access to their basic rights in food and medicine, the family is financially, socially and morally supported by H.G.S.D through a monthly payment that allows them to buy the vital daily essentials for the children to fight this disease and continue with their life in dignity.

Year after year, the number of unprivileged families sponsored by HGSD has steadily increased. Today, HGSD is aiming to help those families who are in financial and health needs, abandoned by their own loved ones to an unknown future. Every month, HGSD’s team visits each family to assess its progress and provide them with our lifetime monthly cash assistance to improve their living standards and health conditions.