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Our Members

Ayman Jallad

Elie Abou Chaaya

Joseph Assily

  • thumb1 Ayman Jallad

    Ayman graduated from the United States in 1975 as a mechanical engineer from the University of Michigan. He believes that “if you do nothing to help others reach their goals, you have not lived your life”. In 1993 Ayman started HGSD because he considers that helping others is vital to have a healthy society. As HGSD’s director, Ayman oversees all operations and offers support, motivation and guidance to all the team in order to reach their goal in being the voice of the poor.

  • thumb1 Elie Abouchaaya

    Elie who has a BA in economics from the Lebanese University, joined the team in 2007 as a Campaign and Research coordinator. Being new to the social field at that time, it was a challenge for him to adapt to a more “civic approach”. Now he’s in love with what he does and believes that his work at HGSD allows him to give back to society and help others that cannot help themselves. Currently, Elie holds the position of “Assistant Director” and was named LAU’s outstanding postsecondary candidate after receiving the “Capacity building for NGOs” diploma with distinction.

  • thumb1 Joseph Assily

    Joseph, our field officer is part of the team since the establishment of HGSD in 1993. Every month, all our families wait for him impatiently to provide them with our lifetime monthly cash assistance. Joseph considers each family as his own and tries to attend to its needs and health issues as much as possible.